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Fall River, Massachusetts was once the largest cotton textile center in the United States. The first spinning mill opened here in 1811, and hundreds of others followed suit, taking advantage of the abundant waterpower provided by the Quequechan River*.

For close to two centuries, things for Fall River textile producers went quite nicely. But foreign competition eventually began to take its toll and, today, the factories that once clothed America have mostly been shuttered and abandoned.

Notice we said mostly. Because for more than 75 years, the New England Shirt Company factory on Alden Street has remained in continuous operation.

Stop by if youíre in the area. While our building isnít all that much to look at when you approach it, inside youíll find a hard-working factory and a group of dedicated craftspeople using vintage sewing machines to create honest, timeless clothing born of the human touch..

The saying "What goes around comes around" could have been invented here.

* Historians tell us "Quequechan" is a Wampanoag Indian word that means "Falling River"

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